The SPROG is a research and outreach group that operates under the umbrella of the Center for Information Assurance and Cybersecurity (CIAC).

The CIAC does the following (from the CIAC website):

The University of Washington Center for Information Assurance and Cybersecurity (CIAC) prepares students for a career protecting computer systems from accidents, hackers, viruses and other security threats. We conduct interdisciplinary research to solve leading edge cybersecurity problems.

The CIAC represents a unique collaboration between Information Science, Computer Science, Economics, Electrical Engineering, Business, and Law. It is committed to:

  • equipping information assurance professionals
  • conducting innovative research through broad collaborations
  • providing educational outreach to raise public awareness and importance of cybersecurity

The Center fosters collaboration among professors, industry professionals, and students, thereby serving as a catalyst for research, invention, innovation, education, public awareness, entrepreneurship, and economic growth.

The CIAC has been a national Department of Homeland Security/National Security Agency Center for Academic Excellence in Information Assurance education since 2004, and obtained the new Center for Academic Excellence – Research (CAE-R) designation in 2008, partnering with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. It is the only institution so designated in the Washington State, and one of only 35 nationwide.

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